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Pac Pobric is a writer from Brooklyn, New York, and the Exhibitions editor at The Art Newspaper.

Latest articles:

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The way she was: on Jo Spence
The persistent disbeliever: on Donald Judd’s writings
Five thoughts after Sean Scully (catalogue essay for Cheim and Read gallery)
A brief history of Constructivism
“Art too is just a way of living”: on Rilke and Rodin
Loosely hanging appendages: on Rachel Harrison
The false Gods of Dada: on the perils of eclecticism

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Selected older articles:

Loose language: on Liam Gillick’s Industry and Intelligence
Against allegory: on Benjamin Buchloh and Danh Vo
A cerebral matter: the common ground between brain science and art
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On artificial darkness in art and theatre
Frank Stella’s decline
Ellsworth Kelly: an obituary
Frank Stella: A romantic, after all
When mourning becomes its own reward: on the work of Doris Salcedo
Beautiful brutality: the splendours of violence at the Venice Biennale
A poverty of feeling: how Sean Scully exhausted Arthur Danto
Inside an unquiet mind: on Lawrence Alloway’s failure
Sean Scully: the wanderer
Ellsworth Kelly: Looking backwards, moving forwards
On photography and silence
A brief history of artists as curators
Sturtevant’s provincialism
On the failures of Internet art
Review: Julian Pretto Gallery
On art criticism: Anna Plesset reconsidered
Review: Anna Plesset at Untitled